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The Mick Malone Mysteries
Set primarily in Scotland, the Mick Malone Mystery Series teams a young cyber-crime expert with an experienced Scottish detective. Young Mick and Jock McDuff work for a security firm that takes them all over the world to solve murders.

The Mystery of Glengarron
The Mystery of the Siren Seeds
The Mystery of Loch Duny
The Mystery at Oyster Point
The Secret of Stone Cottage
The Mystery in Banbrae Wood
Murder at Mill House
How the Light Bends

The first Chloe James Mystery. Chloe James and her sisters were not expecting to inherit a large estate when their great-aunt died. Even Chloe, who lived closest to the ninety-three year old Aunt Dolly, had no idea how rich Dolly was. Aunt Dolly’s bequest came with conditions, though, that forced Chloe to re-examine her current life’s path and decide if she was going to follow her true dreams. But when the coroner discovered that Dolly did not die of natural causes, Chloe and her three sisters are thrown into the middle of a murder investigation. And when a shocking discovery is made in Dolly’s attic, Chloe is determined to find out just who her mysterious aunt really was. Her search takes her to the glory days of Hollywood and the colorful, if not always kind, characters that filled Dolly’s life. 
Chloe James Mysteries
Chloe James is working hard trying to win entry into a painting competition at the Carmel Art Festival. When she sees fellow artist, Luke Arnold, pushed off a cliff, she has to convince the police that it was not an accident. More pressing, though, is the worry that she and her fellow artists might be in danger of a similar fate. Chloe is determined to find out who wants to eliminate competitors in the historic contest. But when a local farmer is shot in the head and a well-known flower grower goes missing, the possible motive for the murders seems to point to something far more sinister than art. The Second in the Chloe James Mystery Series is set on the beautiful, but drought-stricken Central California Coast. Here, one of California’s most celebrated art communities lives and works alongside some of the most fertile and prolific farms in the state. And the extreme drought is bringing hardship to farmers and residents alike. Is it possible that the world’s most abundant natural resource is truly at the heart of the mystery that shakes up this diverse community? Whatever it is, Chloe is, once again, right in the middle of it. And her sisters are only too happy to come along for the ride
The Watery Edges
The Mick Malone Mysteries
The Nature of Fog
When Gabriella turns up at her sister’s front door, covered in blood, Chloe James knows that all is not well in the small cottage behind her house. Is it possible that Gabriella has killed her own husband? Or is there a dangerous murderer on the loose in Pacific Grove? And when the evidence starts to point to Gabby, Chloe knows she must dive into her sister’s past to clear her name. In this, the third Chloe James Mystery, Chloe and her colleague Joe travel the western trucking routes to find answers. Set in both the beautiful California central coast and the striking, but often haunting desert southwest, Chloe finds herself caught up in a disturbing web of smuggling and murder. And with it, she learns something about herself. 
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